• Offers a diversity of courses and sessions in personal growth.

With meditation at the core of each method,
questioning your basic beliefs about yourself, others and the world surrounding you,
your own truth will unfold and surface out of this inner inquiry.


Many of you still have a little of it left because you were once children; you were all warriors, you were all dreamers of the unknown.

That childhood is hidden but it cannot be destroyed; it is there, it still has its own corner in your being.

Allow it to function; be childlike and you will be warriors again. That's what I mean.quotes-i

Osho - Philosophia Ultima


Truth has to be experienced, truth has to be lived, and the only way to experience it is to live here now, to withdraw all your projections from the future.

No past has to be allowed to hang around you and no future either.

When you live in the pure present you are truth. It is not something outside you, it is the very ground of your being.

And that’s what meditation is all about: to be here and now.quotes-i

Osho - The Darshan Dairies