The New Woman: Living your Female Energy

       For women to connect with women

       Being a woman in this time is often to have a multiple task. We have to divide our time between being a (financial) caretaker, a lover, wife, or a mother to our children.

       For those amongst us who manage to do all of this, how much time is left to spend with your sisters or even with yourself? We have forgotten about the value to share, support and celebrate with each other in the modern, busy and stressful world of today.

In this course, we look into and connect with:

  • The conditioning's we received from our family and society about being a woman
  • How we validate oneself and other women
  • How we take care about our intimate life and sexuality
  • Co-dependency issues with our partner
  • How we take care about our health and body

       We start to connect again with the immense wisdom and richness we carry inside us. A time to rejoice and celebrate into your unique qualities of the woman you are.

the new woman