OSHO Festival in Kuchugury – Primal Deconditioning Intensive

From 5-15 September 2019 towards the end of the OSHO Festival.

This is a profound early childhood deconditioning process in silence and isolation.

You will have a change to look into your basic conditioning that formed the blueprint of who you unconsciously think you are.

Which at the same time withholds you from living your life in accordance with your essence and becoming your true self.

Looking forward seeing you (t)here and now!!

A.F.H. – The OSHO Freedom Process

February 4-15, 2019 Pune – India

The A.F.H. (Anti – Fisher – Hoffman) Process, is a profound, 12 day exploration that reconnects people with their roots and frees them from their past.

In our childhood we have always been directed to be and behave in a way that was acceptable to our parents and society rather than to be true to ourselves. This has created a layer of conditioning and a false self which masks our true essence and hinders us from living a rich and full life whether in work, relationships or in our creativity. When we look inward we have no idea who we truly are; we find instead a deep longing to find love and freedom.

Osho with his profound understanding of the conditioned mind, re-framed what had been an egocentric piece of work transforming it into this process in what he called  the A.F.H., a form of deep work to free people from any source of conditioning, be it from family, religion or society.

The A.F.H. process opens us to experience and understand how conditioning has been created and how it has been passed down from generation to generation. From the understanding comes freedom, grace and responsibility for our own lives.

“My effort here is to destroy all conditioning – Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian, Jewish…It does not matter what kind of conditioning you are carrying, I want you to drop it. It is a weight. And through all the therapies, I am trying to do something else which the West has not understood yet. Through therapies they try to bring you to normal humanity. Their psychoanalysis brings people to what they call sanity. My therapies here, and all the psychoanalytic methods used, have a different purpose. It is not to make you into normal, average, so-called sane people: it is to cleanse you of all traps, all theories, all religions – all kinds of conditioning’s. All these therapies here are deprogramming you and leaving you free, without any program. The negative part is being done by the therapies – they destroy your programming – and the positive part is done by meditation”. Osho


  • The process is mostly residential, in silence and in isolation with limited number of participants.
  • Primal Deconditioning and previous emotional release work is recommended.
  • Admission is by a series of interviews that start 6 months prior to the start of the course.
  • For pre-interview: write to
  • You need to arrive in the OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune India at least one week before the process starts.


Bela Dubbelman (1964)

Bela’s passion is childhood deconditioning work which she had been involved with since 1996.

After participating in the A.F.H. – The Osho Freedom Process she was naturally drawn to being trained as a facilitator. Her love for the process is rooted in the intensity and the truth of the work which she says has been one of her most profound experiences, changing both her life and meditation.

Bela is known for her deep intuitive approach, inviting and supporting people to go beyond their conditioning. She is busy most of the year facilitating courses and sessions at the OSHO International Meditation Resort as well as in various locations in Europe and Asia.

A.F.H. – The OSHO Freedom Process 2019

The A.F.H. – The OSHO Freedom Process is a profound, 12-day exploration that reconnect people with their roots and frees them from their past.


OSHO: Responsibility Comes with Awareness

OSHO: Responsibility Comes with Awareness

"Responsibility is awareness, alertness, consciousness. Ego is just unconsciousness. They cannot coexist." Osho

Posted by OSHO Active Meditations on Monday, August 21, 2017

The Rebel

December 7-11, 2015 Pune – India and June 11-15, 2016 Saint-Petersburg – Russia

The Rebel

For everyone who has looked inside and gotten in touch with a deep need to change the way they are living their lives.

Living from our conditioned minds leaves us running around in circles, repeating patterns that keep us addicted, co-dependent and fixed in negative behavior.

Owning those patterns and finding the source of the conditioning is a liberating gift. From this liberation you start living life in tune with the essential qualities you brought with you into this world.

Supported by meditation you arrive in a place inside where your being falls in harmony with what surrounds you. An authentic life of ease and fulfillment becomes possible.

This course is a recommended preparation for the A.F.H. – The OSHO Freedom Process.

“The rebel is in a state of tremendous love with freedom — total freedom, nothing less than that. Hence he has no savior, no God’s messenger, no messiah, no guide; he simply moves according to his own nature. He does not follow anybody, he does not imitate anybody. Certainly he has chosen the most dangerous way of life; full of responsibility, but of tremendous joy and freedom.” Osho


Breath Energy

Come Alive … and more Alive!

Using breath, body movements, dance, Bio-Energetic and body awareness, we will watch and witness the processes of body and emotions. You will strengthen your capacity to be aware and at the same time the capacity to be more alive.

Breath Energy

You will explore your life energy and awaken your body, your senses, and your personal expression. You learn to drop any fear of your own life force and you expand your energy into everyday life.

An invitation to become really alive.

31 May 2014

(Language: Dutch)

Prins Hendrickplein 1, 2518 JA The Hague, Netherlands


Primal Rebirth® Intensive – 5 days

In the first seven years of our life the blueprint is formed for who we (unconsciously) decide to become as adults. A lot of our questions, difficulties, hurts and pain are related to that period of our life.
When we were not mirrored, accepted by our parents and/or caretakers in our true selves as a child, we had to cut off from our true potential. We had to build up a protective layer in order not to feel the pain of that. This layer became so strong over time that most of us completely forgot our essential qualities.
In this course, through regression, rebirthing, gestalt therapy and other techniques we find the way back to our true selves. Addressing our false beliefs about ourselves, we start to re-parent our “inner child” so it doesn’t need to act out its wounds in our present day-to-day life. And learning to distinguish the past from the present enables us to respond instead of react to life’s situations. We regain the natural flow of living our life according to our unique potential.
Primal Rebirth
Info Event: 20 June 2014-start 19:45
Pre-requisite; experience with OSHO Dynamic Meditation and/or emotional bodywork and/or breath work.
(course is residential, language: English)
24 June 2014 – 20:00-23:00
25-28 June  2014 – 07:00-23:30
29 June 2014 – 07:00-17:00
Antony Duyklaan 5-7, 3051 HA Rotterdam, Netherlands

Self Love: Facing Co-Dependency

Often it is difficult to see and experience yourself as lovable,  beautiful and intelligent. You learn from very early on, as a  little child, that there are many things to be improved upon.
Wounded, as an adult you keep trying your whole life to cover  up all those adopted flaws by working very hard to get approval,  appreciation, and love by taking care of others or you give up  your boundaries and allow physical and emotional abuse to be  part of your life.
You explore and learn to recognize the different stages of co-dependency; through awareness and meditation you regain  harmony and balance within yourself, and find ways to own your wounded layer. By communication and sharing within your relationship you find ways to be more honest, vulnerable and open.
If your partner participates  she/he receives 10% reduction on the course fee.
Info Event: 13 June 2014-start 19:45
Pre-requisite; A heart wish to change loneliness into aloneness. The exercises are a mix of working on oneself, being in contact with others, sharing and meditation.
21 June 2014 – 10:00-22:30
22 June 2014 – 07:00-17:00
(Language: English)
Self Love: Facing Co-Dependency
Antony Duyklaan 5-7, 3051 HA Rotterdam, Netherlands

Needing to go for Turn-Around soon,

It is this time of the year again that I need to go for turn-around soon, and there is something in the name that indeed makes you do exactly that, turning around. Looking  back it has been an amazing full, challenging and exciting year for me, and gosh did I enjoy the ride..!!

I have been starting a new process this year which has even more so put me on the spot, there is something in facilitating courses and sessions too by the way, that creates the need for me to keep things in the here and now, clear and clean, it doesn’t allow me to fall asleep, I cannot assume anything, instead I need to keep on doing my homework to have it all by my own experience.

The homework so far has been about allowing things to happen as they come and trusting that. Also that I can and only want to do my things with totality and a full YES, whether that what I need to do is to my liking or not….and that has been quite a dance ….but I know now I can dance!


23rd December 2012

This should actually be an auspicious date as for years in a row, one believed that the world should have come to an end two days ago…..and it didn’t. [full stop]

I can’t remember though, I ever have been doubting that it would be “the end” of something and remember strongly as a little child fantasizing what I would be and do when reaching the age of 49. I am not sure if already back then I had my connection with the number seven. Or it was just the time I was actually learning to calculate by head. Funny enough I thought then, after having calculated the year on my fingers for many times, that I would be 49 this year, I was 7 back then, but this will only be “official” in 2013.


In India though one is counting the year you actually live as to the year you have completed so in India I would answer 49 to the question how old I am right now.

Not in my wildest imaginations I could have even had the faintest glimpse of what I am living in this year, nor what my life looks like at the moment, but I do still remember the trill I felt even back then.

And I must say trilled I am with the immensity of realizing; I am in a place in my life where I just need to be.

I can’t even say it is so much easier or better than before but it is just more truthful, it is just what it is and needs to be. I am appreciating to the max, every day, the opportunities that  I have to share, to feel connected, just to be in awe for all the little miracles that happen.

Like little beats on a string that wave days into nights and nights into days, allowing time to be timeless, realizing as I was just looking at myself in the mirror I am actually here where I was fantasizing about back then…..tomorrow 24, then 25,26,27,28,29,30,31……2013…….just “the end” of another year…..