23rd December 2012

This should actually be an auspicious date as for years in a row, one believed that the world should have come to an end two days ago…..and it didn’t. [full stop]

I can’t remember though, I ever have been doubting that it would be “the end” of something and remember strongly as a little child fantasizing what I would be and do when reaching the age of 49. I am not sure if already back then I had my connection with the number seven. Or it was just the time I was actually learning to calculate by head. Funny enough I thought then, after having calculated the year on my fingers for many times, that I would be 49 this year, I was 7 back then, but this will only be “official” in 2013.


In India though one is counting the year you actually live as to the year you have completed so in India I would answer 49 to the question how old I am right now.

Not in my wildest imaginations I could have even had the faintest glimpse of what I am living in this year, nor what my life looks like at the moment, but I do still remember the trill I felt even back then.

And I must say trilled I am with the immensity of realizing; I am in a place in my life where I just need to be.

I can’t even say it is so much easier or better than before but it is just more truthful, it is just what it is and needs to be. I am appreciating to the max, every day, the opportunities that  I have to share, to feel connected, just to be in awe for all the little miracles that happen.

Like little beats on a string that wave days into nights and nights into days, allowing time to be timeless, realizing as I was just looking at myself in the mirror I am actually here where I was fantasizing about back then…..tomorrow 24, then 25,26,27,28,29,30,31……2013…….just “the end” of another year…..



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