Kho Pha Ngan

For my turn around this time I landed on one of the exotic island of Thailand – Kho Pha Ngan, already pronouncing the name of the island itself leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. And somehow it is sweet here, the people and life as such is simple and easy. Most of us are walking barefoot as inside the bamboo huts you are asked to leave your shoes in front of the door….out of laziness, it feels, one doesn’t even bother anymore to put on shoes….

Although the main land is taken over by floods here the sea only keeps bringing in the waves, with quite a determination I would say, and most of the time the wind allows it to roar onto the sandy shore. It is really a treat to have your dinner, as the day is slowly blowing out its light and a thick darkness takes over, to be left with only the roaring thunder of the waves coming in, while looking into darkness……a moment of bliss….

I ponder plans for the future with lightness as I am more into moving with the flow; however, having more time than usual Mr. Mind is challenged to come up with some great ideas, most of the time though just adjusting to the flow and practicing this art by a daily dip into the sea, which embraces me tender with warm water which on this island is rare… early morning shower, mostly around 07:00 (if not earlier) is giving me a crispy “Good Morning” when my first sound every morning begins with bbrrrr….(cold water)….

Having time again for my favorite subject; watching human behaviors and finding related subjects to bring this back into meditation, being the watcher….

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