Needing to go for Turn-Around soon,

It is this time of the year again that I need to go for turn-around soon, and there is something in the name that indeed makes you do exactly that, turning around. Looking  back it has been an amazing full, challenging and exciting year for me, and gosh did I enjoy the ride..!!

I have been starting a new process this year which has even more so put me on the spot, there is something in facilitating courses and sessions too by the way, that creates the need for me to keep things in the here and now, clear and clean, it doesn’t allow me to fall asleep, I cannot assume anything, instead I need to keep on doing my homework to have it all by my own experience.

The homework so far has been about allowing things to happen as they come and trusting that. Also that I can and only want to do my things with totality and a full YES, whether that what I need to do is to my liking or not….and that has been quite a dance ….but I know now I can dance!


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