Primal Rebirth® – Info Event in Berlin

What: Info Event       

When: 21 May 2012 at 20:00

Where:, Eschenallee 2A, 14050 Berlin Westend

“All the great teachers of the world have been insisting for a revolution against the slavery that keeps your spirit in a status quo. And once the slavery is thrown away, the camel goes through the metamorphosis, becomes a lion. He had always been a lion; he became a camel because of the slavery.
And the moment he becomes a lion — courageous and brave, ready to go into the unknown, ready to be alone — the child is not faraway. The second metamorphosis will happen; you will find the lion turning into a child. And the child is the ultimate state of liberation.
 The innocence of the child is his wisdom; the simplicity of the child is his egolessness. The freshness of the child is the freshness of your consciousness, which never becomes old, which always remains young. It has passed through thousands of bodies: they became young, they became old, they died. But the consciousness continues, a young river, fresh, dancing towards the ocean. The wondering eyes of the child is the opening of your being to all the great mysteries of existence.” Osho

An opportunity to have your questions answered about Primal work and the content of the course as well as to check out the center.

You are most welcome to see and visit us!!

Kho Pha Ngan

For my turn around this time I landed on one of the exotic island of Thailand – Kho Pha Ngan, already pronouncing the name of the island itself leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. And somehow it is sweet here, the people and life as such is simple and easy. Most of us are walking barefoot as inside the bamboo huts you are asked to leave your shoes in front of the door….out of laziness, it feels, one doesn’t even bother anymore to put on shoes….

Although the main land is taken over by floods here the sea only keeps bringing in the waves, with quite a determination I would say, and most of the time the wind allows it to roar onto the sandy shore. It is really a treat to have your dinner, as the day is slowly blowing out its light and a thick darkness takes over, to be left with only the roaring thunder of the waves coming in, while looking into darkness……a moment of bliss….

I ponder plans for the future with lightness as I am more into moving with the flow; however, having more time than usual Mr. Mind is challenged to come up with some great ideas, most of the time though just adjusting to the flow and practicing this art by a daily dip into the sea, which embraces me tender with warm water which on this island is rare… early morning shower, mostly around 07:00 (if not earlier) is giving me a crispy “Good Morning” when my first sound every morning begins with bbrrrr….(cold water)….

Having time again for my favorite subject; watching human behaviors and finding related subjects to bring this back into meditation, being the watcher….




I have fallen in love with the Meditative Therapies from Osho. After a long time I finally made it into the OSHO Mystic Rose and Facilitating last month.
It has really taken me years to find the time to do this 21 days process and it was worth it all…..even the early morning start at 05:15 and hardly having any sleep. And what a gift it has been to do (t)his work in (t)his place the OSHO International Meditation Resort!!!

“Your heart is the soil.
Your trust is the climate.
And your being is the mystic rose –
its opening, blossoming, releasing its fragrance.

The mystic rose is just a symbol of the man
whose being is dormant no more,
is asleep no more, but is fully awake
and has opened all its petals and has
become sensitive to all that is truthful, beautiful, good –
the very splendor of existence.” Osho

Primal Rebirth® went to OSHO Garden-Taiwan

I had exactly one day in between the Primal Rebirth® Training in the Netherlands and the flight to Taipei. Two days after we had everything organized for the interviews and demo to start the next evening with a four days course Alchemy of Breath. It went with the same intensity as it started…..

During this course we focused a lot on finding our life energy back, to be grounded in our body and how to do OSHO Dynamic Meditation with totality. Most of the participants prepared themselves to continue with another 5 days Primal Rebirth® in silence and isolation.

Once again a beautiful journey and such gratefulness to share this beautiful work with people who are sincerely seeking their truth.

It has been three years since I returned to OSHO Garden this time and it has been a very nice and good experience; sweet to connect again with friends from before and to be able to meet with so many new beautiful people.

Thanks again to the girls in the office and to the helpers who cared so beautifully and with whom I couldn’t have done the same without them. I hope to see you all again in the nearby future.

And for those who missed out this time we are in the process of organizing another nine days journey for next year to have a profound look at our conditioning and deepen our meditation.

Primal Rebirth® – first time in Bulgaria

After a demo in Sofia we moved the next day way up in the mountains –Panicishte- to spend our journey of 5 days Primal Rebirth in silence and isolation; to look at our conditioning and believes from the past which (still) prevents us to live the life we always wanted to live.

A beautiful gathering of courageous people, some in the middle of their life, some in spring and some already close to autumn, however at the end of the course all of them with childlike faces, shining eyes and big smiles.

Touched by the trust and the willingness of the participants to look and take the responsibility upon their own lives, totally committed to do what was needed to open hearts again, to trust our inner voice and most of all to experience again the innocence we all still have inside, it all resulted into the deep process it was.

Looking forward to see you all again and let your smiles be seen in the world!!