Primal Rebirth® – first time in Bulgaria

After a demo in Sofia we moved the next day way up in the mountains –Panicishte- to spend our journey of 5 days Primal Rebirth in silence and isolation; to look at our conditioning and believes from the past which (still) prevents us to live the life we always wanted to live.

A beautiful gathering of courageous people, some in the middle of their life, some in spring and some already close to autumn, however at the end of the course all of them with childlike faces, shining eyes and big smiles.

Touched by the trust and the willingness of the participants to look and take the responsibility upon their own lives, totally committed to do what was needed to open hearts again, to trust our inner voice and most of all to experience again the innocence we all still have inside, it all resulted into the deep process it was.

Looking forward to see you all again and let your smiles be seen in the world!!


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