Primal Rebirth® went to OSHO Garden-Taiwan

I had exactly one day in between the Primal Rebirth® Training in the Netherlands and the flight to Taipei. Two days after we had everything organized for the interviews and demo to start the next evening with a four days course Alchemy of Breath. It went with the same intensity as it started…..

During this course we focused a lot on finding our life energy back, to be grounded in our body and how to do OSHO Dynamic Meditation with totality. Most of the participants prepared themselves to continue with another 5 days Primal Rebirth® in silence and isolation.

Once again a beautiful journey and such gratefulness to share this beautiful work with people who are sincerely seeking their truth.

It has been three years since I returned to OSHO Garden this time and it has been a very nice and good experience; sweet to connect again with friends from before and to be able to meet with so many new beautiful people.

Thanks again to the girls in the office and to the helpers who cared so beautifully and with whom I couldn’t have done the same without them. I hope to see you all again in the nearby future.

And for those who missed out this time we are in the process of organizing another nine days journey for next year to have a profound look at our conditioning and deepen our meditation.

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