I have fallen in love with the Meditative Therapies from Osho. After a long time I finally made it into the OSHO Mystic Rose and Facilitating last month.
It has really taken me years to find the time to do this 21 days process and it was worth it all…..even the early morning start at 05:15 and hardly having any sleep. And what a gift it has been to do (t)his work in (t)his place the OSHO International Meditation Resort!!!

“Your heart is the soil.
Your trust is the climate.
And your being is the mystic rose –
its opening, blossoming, releasing its fragrance.

The mystic rose is just a symbol of the man
whose being is dormant no more,
is asleep no more, but is fully awake
and has opened all its petals and has
become sensitive to all that is truthful, beautiful, good –
the very splendor of existence.” Osho

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