Self Love: Facing Co-Dependency

Often it is difficult to see and experience yourself as lovable,  beautiful and intelligent. You learn from very early on, as a  little child, that there are many things to be improved upon.
Wounded, as an adult you keep trying your whole life to cover  up all those adopted flaws by working very hard to get approval,  appreciation, and love by taking care of others or you give up  your boundaries and allow physical and emotional abuse to be  part of your life.
You explore and learn to recognize the different stages of co-dependency; through awareness and meditation you regain  harmony and balance within yourself, and find ways to own your wounded layer. By communication and sharing within your relationship you find ways to be more honest, vulnerable and open.
If your partner participates  she/he receives 10% reduction on the course fee.
Info Event: 13 June 2014-start 19:45
Pre-requisite; A heart wish to change loneliness into aloneness. The exercises are a mix of working on oneself, being in contact with others, sharing and meditation.
21 June 2014 – 10:00-22:30
22 June 2014 – 07:00-17:00
(Language: English)
Self Love: Facing Co-Dependency
Antony Duyklaan 5-7, 3051 HA Rotterdam, Netherlands
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